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Earl Simmons (Baltimore, Maryland, EE. UU., 18 de diciembre de 1970 - ), mejor conocido por su nombre artístico DMX (él cual rinde homenaje a la caja de ritmos Oberheim DMX), Dark Man X o The Divine Master of the Unknown, es un rapero y actorestadounidense, que saltó a la fama a finales de la década de los 90. Se caracteriza por la violencia en sus letras y materia oscura y gótica, convirtiéndolo en uno de los artistas más aclamados por los fans, tanto del rap como del punk. Protagonizó su propia serie de televisión "La Realidad del alma de un hombre en América" red de televisión por cable BET. En 2002, DMX escribió un libro autobiográfico titulado EARL: La Autobiografía de DMX. También tiene un amplio expediente de detención.
It's Dark And Holl Is Hot (1998)

01 - Intro
02 - Ruff Ryders' Anthem
03 - Fuckin' Wit' D
04 - The Storm (Skit)
05 - Look Thru My Eyes
06 - Get At Me Dog (Ft. Sheek Of The L.O.X.)
07 - Let Me Fly
08 - X Is Coming
09 - Damien
10 - How's It Goin Down
11 - Mickey (Skit)
12 - Crime Story
13 - Stop Being Greedy
14 - ATF
15 - For My Dogs Feat. Drag-On, Big Stan, Loose & Kasino
16 - I Can Feel It
17 - Prayer (Skit)
18 - The Convo
19 - Niggaz Done Started Something Feat. The L.O.X. & Ma$e
20 - Ruff Ryders' Anthem (Live)


Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood (1998)

01 - My Niggas (Skit)
02 - Bring Your Whole Crew
03 - Pac Man (Skit)
04 - Ain't No Way
05 - We Don't Give A Fuck (Ft. Styles & Jadakiss)
06 - Keep Your Shit The Hardest
07 - Coming From Feat. Mary J. Blige
08 - It's All Good
09 - The Omen Feat. Marilyn Manson
10 - Slippin'
11 - No Love 4 Me (Ft. Swizz Beatz & Drag-On)
12 - Dogs For Life
13 - Blackout (Ft. L.O.X. & Jay-Z)
14 - Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
15 - Heat
16 - Ready To Meet Him


And Then There Was X (1999)

01-The Kennel
02-One More Road To Cross
03-The Professional
06-Here We Go Again
07-Party Up
08-Make A Move
09-What These Bitches Want
10-What's My Name
11-More 2 A Song
12-Don't You Ever
13-The Shakedown
14-D-X-L (Hard White)
15-Coming For Ya
16-Player III
18-Good Girls, Bad Guy

The Great Depression (2001)

02-School Street
03-Who We Be
04-Trina Moe
05-We Right Here
06-Bloodline Anthem
07-Shorty Was Da Bomb
08-Damien III
09-When I'm Nothing (ft. Stephanie Mills)
10-I Miss You (ft. Faith Evans)
11-Number 11
12-Pull Up (skit)
13-I'm a Bang
14-Pull Out" (skit)
15-You Could Be Blind (ft. Mashonda)
16-The Prayer IV
17-A Minute for Your Son

Grand Champ (2003)

1.Dog Intro
2.My Life
3.Where the Hood At
4.Dogs Out
5.Get It on the Floor
6.Come Prepared
7.Shot Down
8.Bring the Noize
10.F*** Y'All
11.Ruff Radio
12.We're Back
13.Ruff Radio 2 (skit)
14.Rob All Night
15.We Go Hard
16.We 'Bout to Blow
17.ain, The
18.Gotta Go - (skit)
19.Don't Gotta Go Home
20.'Yo Kato, A
21.Thank You
22.Prayer V
23.On Top - (bonus track)

Year Of The Dog Again (2006)

1. Intro Listen
2. We In Here Listen
3. I Run Shit
4. Come Thru (Move) Listen
5. It's Personal Listen
6. Baby Motha Listen
7. Dog Love Listen
8. Wrong Or Right (I'm Tired) Listen
9. Give 'Em What They Want Listen
10. Walk These Dogs Listen
11. Blown Away Listen
12. Goodbye Listen
13. Life Be My Song Listen
14. The Prayer VI Listen
15. Lord Give Me A Sign Listen
16. Year Of The Dog...Again


Playlist Your Way (2009)
01-Where The Hood At
02-What These Bitches Want (Ft. Sisqo)
03-Get At Me Dog (Ft. Sheek Louch)
04-Ruff Ryders Anthem
05-What's My Name
06-Party Up (Up In Here)
07-X Gon' Give It To ya
08-We Right Here
09-Hows It Goin' Down
10-One More Road To Cross
12-Get It On The Floor (Ft. Swizz Beatz)
14-Who We Be


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